Boston Heating Repair & Maintenance

Do you need professional Boston heater repair and maintenance? Give us a call at (617) 566-6990 today and we will provide you with a quick and effective solution. Don’t wait until your family is freezing on a cold, winter night. Call today for fast, reliable heating services.

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The winter temperatures in Massachusetts can get downright frigid at times, not to mention the snow, and having a heating system that continues running smoothly all winter long is imperative. Your furnace will be working its hardest during the coldest days, so you want to make sure it is in top condition when the time comes. Aligning yourself with a reputable company is the best way to accomplish this.

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Who Needs Annual Maintenance?

The reason you should have annual maintenance performed on your heating system is to lower your heating bills, reduce the need for repairs and extend the life of your furnace. When all of the components of your heater are cleaned and tuned up properly, it’s like hitting a reset button so the next winter, your system is almost running like new again. If you schedule your maintenance just before the cold weather starts, you’ll get the best results.

Pay Attention to the Subtle Signs

Some of the more subtle signs of heating system troubles can elude the average homeowner if you aren’t paying attention. Things like slight changes in the indoor temperature, to rough operation of the system, to slightly elevated heating bills can all signify a problem with the furnace’s function. If you notice any small issues or signs, be sure to call for help.

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New Air Filter Equals Better Air Quality

The furnace filter is part of your heating system that requires changing about every 90 days for it to remain clean and operating at a higher level. When the filter is dirty, the furnace has trouble blowing clean air into the ducts and into your living space. Some of the dirt and particles will dislodge and end up in the air you are supposed to breathe. A simple replacement every three months will help to remedy this type of scenario.

No one wants to run out of heat in the middle of a cold Boston, MA winter night. The temperatures routinely dip low enough to freeze pipes and cause the indoor temperature to plummet. Call Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning at (617) 566-6990 if you have any heating troubles and we will find a solution to keep you and your family warm.