Boston Radiant Heating System Installation

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Radiant System Services in Boston, MA

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With most home heating systems, the air is heated in some way, and the people in the house enjoy the warmth in the air. With a radiant heating system, the surface is heated, and then that heat radiates out into the living space, similar to how the burner of an electric stove heats the air around it. Radiant heating can be used for ceilings and walls, but it is most often used under floors.

Radiant Heating Benefits for You

One of the main benefits of radiant heating for the user is comfort. How many times have you hopped out of bed on a cold Massachusetts morning, only to have your feet freeze once they hit the floor? Radiant heating makes the floor warm first, so no matter how cold it is outside, the floor will be warm and those annoying drafts will be non-existent. The floors use heated tubes that run beneath the floor, so airborne contaminants that are common with forced air systems are also a non-factor. Radiant heating provides greater control for the homeowner, and is much quieter than standard heating systems.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is always a consideration when it comes to home heating, and radiant heating allows you to set temperatures lower than you normally would because there is no air ducts to distribute the heat throughout the house. Some radiant heating systems use water and some use electricity, but either type provides energy efficiency that is above the traditional type of heating system.

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Avoid DIY Installation

To some, a radiant heating system is just calling out for some DIY action, but it’s probably not a good idea if you don’t have direct experience with this type of system. Having the ability to run the piping under the floor safely and effectively in order to create an efficient heating system that will last, and provide all the benefits that this type of heating should offer is best handled by professionals and not your typical DIYer.

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