Boston Snowmelt System Installation

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Snowmelt System Installation Services in Boston, MA

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During the snowy days of a Massachusetts winter, many homeowners probably look outside and see the snow piling up on their driveway, just wishing it would somehow disappear. A snowmelt driveway system or heated driveway melts the snow before it has a chance to accumulate, effectively clearing it off so you don’t have to shovel or use your snowblower.

What’s the Point of a Snowmelt System?

Some people disregard snowmelt driveway systems as an indulgence set aside for the rich, but they are extremely useful for people with disabilities that aren’t able to shovel their own driveways, or for elderly people that find shoveling too strenuous. If you have a history of heart problems, a heated driveway can prevent you from over exerting yourself and making the situation worse.

Basic Info About Heated Driveways

With a snowmelt driveway system, there are pipes or tubes installed beneath the surface of your driveway that act like a radiant flooring system, distributing heat to the surface above. The tubing gets water and antifreeze pumped into it when the homeowner flips the switch to engage the system, heating the driveway and melting snow. It is a convenient system and an effective system for keeping the driveway cleared of excess snow.

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Finding the Right Service Provider

There are many factors to consider when it comes to a snowmelt driveway system, so professional installation is the only real option. The tubing has to be installed correctly, and you might need a new driveway to accommodate it, if the current driveway is in poor condition. Proper drainage is another issue, and if it isn’t taken care of correctly, you may have your home or garage flooded when the melted snow starts running toward the house instead of out into the street. Look for a company with local ties, that has experience and a good reputation in the community.

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