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Is it time for expert Concord AC repair, installation and replacement? Call our sales department today at (617) 566-6990 for a free estimate on a new or replacement system. We will send a licensed technician to your home to provide you with a stress-free solution to your AC problem.

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Most homeowners know how heat can become trapped inside their house when the humidity of summer sets in. If you don’t have a functioning AC system, the result is often sleepless nights, lying by an open window and trying to catch the slightest breeze. Of course, a good AC system takes care of all that, and keeping your current system running well is important. It’s easy to run toward the latest promotion or big sale when you want a new AC system, but many of these companies are fly-by-night at best. The key is to find a reputable, reliable, local expert that will install your AC correctly and be there for continued support.

Why Is My AC Vibrating?

A loud, vibrating air conditioner is certainly annoying to listen to, but it is also a sign that something may be wrong with your AC system. When the system was first installed, it hummed along and you barely noticed it was working, except for the cool comforting air coming from your vents. When it starts vibrating, banging or knocking, it’s time to have a professional take a look. It may only need a slight adjustment because a part is loose, or it might need a part replaced before the whole system shuts down. You never really know, so it’s best to be safe.

Annual Maintenance Equals Fewer Problems

Like with any appliance or piece of machinery, air conditioners wear out and break down over time, but you can prolong its life and encounter fewer problems along the way with annual maintenance. When you have maintenance on your AC, the technician cleans all of the dirt and grime away so it runs like new for the next summer. If it is cleaned and checked out each year, nagging little issues won’t have a chance to build up and cause the system to shut down on you when you really need it.

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It isn’t necessary for you to wait until your AC stops working entirely and you’re sweating when you should be sleeping. Call Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning at (617) 566-6990 in Concord, MA and get that air conditioning running smoothly once again.