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If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have your AC breakdown on a hot, humid summer day, you know just how horribly uncomfortable it can be. The only thing on your mind is to get it fixed, so you won’t have to try to sleep in a stifling house when the sun goes down. Most of the time, the night doesn’t offer much relief if the sun has been beating down on the house all day. The heat becomes trapped inside the house, and there seems to be no escape. That’s why finding a local, reputable cooling expert to take control of the situation and restore your comfort is crucial.

Is My AC System Actually Broken?

Sometimes, your air conditioning may not be working at peak efficiency and could even be on the verge of breaking down, but you won’t notice unless you pay close attention to the signs. When it is working well, the AC turns on effortlessly; it hums along quietly and cools each room to the right temperature without delay.

When there are one or more parts not working well, the hum may be replaced with a rattle or banging, it might take a long time to get to the temperature you’ve set, or the air could be lukewarm instead of cool. With an inefficient system, your cooling bills might jump for no apparent reason. These signs should alert you to the fact that something isn’t right and inspire you to take action.

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How Maintenance Prevents Problems

Most of the problems mentioned above can be avoided if you have annual maintenance on your AC system. This cleaning and inspection for problems will ensure your AC runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer, making for lower bills and a much lower chance of any elements breaking on you.

Additional AC Services in Brookline, MA:

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  • Air Handler Services
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
  • Evaporator Coil Services
  • AC Repair & Maintenance
  • AC Filter Replacements

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