Boston UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

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Uv Air Sanitier Services in Boston, MA

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The majority of people spend up to 90% of their time indoors and 65% of their time inside their own home. This means you are breathing in indoor air for most of your life, and indoor air from your own house for over half your life. People that work from home spend even more than 65% of their time breathing in the air inside their house. The problem with these numbers is that many experts claim the air inside is up to five times dirtier than the air outside, making some form of air sanitation a wise choice. One type of air cleaner that is growing in popularity is the UV air sanitizer.

Basic Process of a UV Air Sanitizer

When it’s in action, a UV air sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to filter airborne contaminants out of the air, before they have a chance to get into the household airflow. It has the ability to remove up to 98% of the toxins and contaminants in your home, making it a very effective option. The UV air sanitizer connects to your home’s HVAC system so any dirty air has to pass through the filter on the way to you. With such a high success rate at removing airborne contaminants, UV air sanitizers are effective for people with respiratory difficulties, including allergies and asthma.

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Why DIY is the Wrong Choice

While UV light plays a positive role when it comes to UV air sanitizers, the light itself is very dangerous if it comes into contact with your skin, so DIY installation is seriously frowned upon. Ultraviolet light has the potential to damage human tissue, which should be enough for anyone to call in professionals to get the job done. Professional installers also know how to set up the system so it works efficiently and follows all the necessary bylaws and building codes.

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