Boston Air Handler Repair, Installation & Replacement Services

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Air Handler Services in Boston, MA

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When it comes to your home’s HVAC system, the air handler is one of the more important components. Air handlers are responsible for distributing the air to the various rooms of your house, so without them the indoor comfort level wouldn’t be anywhere close to what you want it to be. The air handler isn’t just one specific part, but a group of several that all have to work together to make your HVAC system work effectively.

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As mentioned above, the air handler helps to distribute the air. When you look at it, the air handler resembles a simple metal box, but it’s what it inside that counts. Inside the box are blowers, coils, dampers, sound attenuators, and filter chambers. Without the air handler and all of it various parts working at peak efficiency, your HVAC system wouldn’t be able to perform the tasks it was meant to do.

What Can Go Wrong?

Over time, or through poor quality installation, your air handler can develop problems that require repair or possibly even replacement. Some examples of air handler issues you may encounter include drain line problems; problems with electrical circuits, a burnt out motor, clogged filters or damaged belts. If the problems are left to grow, your air handler will break down entirely and your HVAC system many require some costly repairs.

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What About the DIY Approach?

Don’t waste your time trying to fix an air handler by yourself. If you don’t have experience repairing and installing HVAC systems, the most likely scenario is that you will make the problem worse. You may end up breaking it completely, or your repair might end up being temporary, needing more comprehensive repairs down the road. Just do yourself a favor if you suspect issues with the air handler, and leave it for your local HVAC expert to fix properly.

Air circulation is a critical element of any HVAC system, so if the air from your furnace or AC isn’t being distributed correctly, pick up the phone and call Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning at (617) 566-6990 in the Boston, MA area, so we can send someone out and get the process started.